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Wedding Blog #3: How do I Write my Wedding Invitation?

Yay! So you've picked out your wedding invitation design (a custom-illustrated artwork from Ohnik Studio, perhaps?), chosen your fonts, but now... what do you write on your wedding invitation?

The good news is... you can write whatever you want! It's your wedding, after all. :)

Since your wedding invitation is the first item your guests will receive regarding your wedding, it really sets the tone! For instance, if you and your other half are funny and playful, what not be more whimsical and/or casual with your invitation design and wording, too? 

Wedding Invitation Sample

A. Checklist for (typical) information to include on your invitation:

1. Name of bride & groom 

2. Day(s) of the week & date(s) of the wedding

3. Address(es) of ceremony and reception venue(s)

4. Whether a drink/meal/dancing will be included

5. Method of RSVP; RSVP deadline

6. Wedding website (optional)

B. Opening Phrase

1. Formal, parents are hosting/paying for the wedding:

Mr. & Mrs. Clive Lee 
and Mr. & Mrs. Oliver Reddy
request the honour of your presence at the marriage of their children
Ashley Lee & Lincoln Reddy

2. Formal, parents are hosting/paying for the wedding, with a late parent:

Mr. & Mrs. Clive Lee and
Mr. Oliver Reddy & the late Mrs. Pam Reddy
request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their children
Ashley Lee & Lincoln Reddy

3. Formal, bride & groom are hosting/paying for the wedding:

Ashley Lee & Lincoln Reddy
request the honour of your company at the celebration of their union

4. Casual, with families:

Together with their families
Ashley Lee & Lincoln Reddy
request the pleasure of your company
at their Wedding

5. Contemporary:

Ashley Lee & Lincoln Reddy
are Getting Married!
You are cordially invited
to celebrate their marriage
Want more samples? Meg Keene from A Practical Wedding offers 15 Wedding Invitation Wording Samples: From Traditional to Fun
Wedding Invitation Sample
C. RSVP Checklist:
Checklist for (typical) information to include on your RSVP card/website:
1. Names of Guests
(*Tip #1: Ask for First AND Last Name for everyone in the guest party, especially if you plan on using this information electronically later, e.g. to be put into a spreadsheet for a guest list, seating plan etc)
(*Tip #2: Use Google Form (fast, easy & FREE!) to create a fillable form for your guests to RSVP on your wedding website. Best part: it'll automatically put the responses into a spreadsheet! Hello, instant guest list!) 
2. Accept or Decline (to ceremony and/or reception)
3. Food allergy/preference, especially if you're serving a plated meal
4. RSVP deadline (if you have a RSVP card, and didn't include this on your invitation)
D. RSVP Wording
1. Formal: 
M. __________________________
____ Accepts with Pleasure
____ Declines with Regrets
2. Formal with number of guests:
M. __________________________
Number Attending ____________
Please Indicate Your Selection:
_____ Seasonal Fish
_____ Chicken
_____ Vegetarian
3. Contemporary (& most Google Form automatic guest list friendly!):
First Name: __________________
Last Name: __________________
Will you be coming to our wedding?
___ Excited to Celebrate with You!
___ Sad to Miss All Fun
How Many people will be coming (including yourself)?
__ 0
__ 1
__ 2
__ 3
__ 4
Other: ________
Names of other attendees
(Please type in first and last name of everyone in your party):
4. Casual/Funny:
First Name: __________________
Last Name: __________________
Will you be coming to our wedding?
___ Wouldn't Miss it for the World (Yes)
___ The World is not Enough (No)
Best of luck with writing your invitation! :)
Stay tuned for our Wedding Blog #4: How do I Address my Wedding Invitation Envelopes?
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Wedding Blog #2: 3 Easy DIY Projects (that will save your lots of $!)

Thinking back on our wedding preparations, some of the best memories involved having friends and family over for a barbeque dinner and then a waffles brunch -- our bribe for their labour before and during the wedding. :)

There were also a few nights (right before the big day!) where we had to stay up late and finish a few last minutes crafts (yes... we procrastinated...). Huge thanks to everyone who helped make our day so perfect!

Here are a few super easy DIY crafts we made for the wedding (that saved us lots of money):

*Psst... also check out our other wedding blog: "Help! How do I dye my white veil ivory?"

1. Lace-trim votive candle

DIY lace trim votive candle


Votive candle -- we purchased by the dozen at a craft store

(Fabric) Lace tape -- available at dollar stores and craft stores, or check out this beautiful lace trim on burlap if you want a rustic look.


Put lace tape around the votice candle, cut, repeat. That's it! 

2. Air Plant Centrepiece

DIY air plant centrepiece

Though we wanted to use air plants for our guest table centrepieces, we decided against it in the end because green was not one of the wedding theme colours. We have since then made a few of these for ourselves and our friends. :)


Air plant (big gardening store or online)

Moss (in bags, cheaper at craft stores; or online)

Soil (from your own garden or gardening stores)

Stone (dollar stores, your garden, park, beach...)

Glass container (small; available at dollar stores or gardening stores)


1. Put a thin layer of soil on the bottom

2. Neatly arrange moss and stone on top of soil

3. Put air plant in the middle

3. Wedding Program

DIY Wedding Program

Ok, I have to admit this was actually not a very easy project... at least for someone like me who has little graphic design experience! Luckily, it wasn't tooo time-consuming (it took me about 4 hours, but this varies depending on what you want to create).


Graphic Design Tools at Canva (a free web resource!)

Thick paper stock (at craft stores, stationery stores or online)



1. Create your wedding program using tools at https://www.canva.com/

2. Save the file as pdf

3. Print

Tips: If you have a nothing-fancy home printer like mine (or, you can get one with duplex printing function, though many seem to not handle thick paper stock well), experimenting how to print double-sided and fitting two programs onto one piece of paper could take some time.

Here's what I've learned:

1. To fit two programs onto one piece of paper, duplicate the front page image (I did this in the Mac program "Preview")

2. Put all your paper stock into the paper tray, or the feed tray if the paper's too thick

3. In "Print", select "Print 2 images per page", then type in the number of copies you need. (i.e. You'll print all copies of the front page at once)

4. Put your paper stock (now with the front page printed) back in. (*Note: Experiment! Should you put in the paper face down or up? Text to the left or right?)

5. Print the back page (duplicate the back page image, select "Print 2 images per page", and type the number of copies you need).


Good luck and happy crafting! :)


Check out our other wedding blog: "Help, How do I Dye my White veil Ivory?"


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Healthy Living Blog #3: Coffee air freshener, cornstarch dry shampoo and more

As I mentioned in my other healthy living blogs, I'm always on a quest to find natural and toxin-free personal and household products. An extra bonus is those natural, homemade products almost always end up cheaper than store-bought products! Kin's been using the 3-ingredient coconut deodorant for 2 years and he hasn't purchased a single deodorant since.

Today, I'd like to offer some of the other natural products we use in and around the home. Enjoy :)

1. Car air freshener: coffee grounds

Who doesn't love the smell of coffee? What you might not know is coffee grounds makes an excellent natural air freshener for your car! Apparently you can use used coffee grounds as well, but we've been using fresh hazelnut coffee grounds. Oh, the possibilities with all the amazing flavours out there!

How: put 2-3 tablespoons (30-45 mL) coffee grounds onto a piece of tissue paper. Wrap it up with a ribbon like a pretty gift.

2. Dry Shampoo: cornstarch

For those days when you simply don't have time to wash your hair, dry shampoos are great to freshen things up. Did you know cornstarch works very well as a dry shampoo? No more aerosol bottles! I keep my dry shampoo cornstarch in a spice shaker in the washroom.

How: sprinkle some cornstarch on greasy ends of hair. Leave for 1 minute. Pat away the cornstarch with your hands.


3. Oven cleaner: baking soda, salt and water

For those who have the unfortunate experience of liquids (or solids) spilling onto a heated oven floor, you know how difficult it is to scrub the burnt food off. A quick fix is to use the super-hot self-clean function in most modern oven. I have reservations about using the self-clean function too often, so I usually try to naturally clean the oven myself. This is definitely not the most effective recipe (you still need to use a fair amount of elbow grease), but everything in the recipe is edible, which gives me peace of mind over the types of gases store-bought oven cleaners can release.

How: use equal parts baking soda, coarse (kosher) salt, and water to form a paste. Apply with a scrubbing pad.

    4. Pot cleaner: baking soda and water

    Burnt food not only get stuck on ovens, but sadly, also on pots and pans. This method is great for stainless steel and also enamelled cast iron pots and pans (love my Le Creuset Dutch Oven. I seem to cook and bake everything in it. Can't believe I never had one till this year!). It's gentle enough not to make any scratches.


    • Bring a small amount of baking soda and water (more than enough to cover the bottom of a pot) to a boil.
    • Watch the carbon dioxide fizz and work for you!
    • Add more baking soda if necessary.
    • Scrub off burnt food with a wooden spoon.

    5. Window Cleaner: vinegar & water

    Who knew just vinegar & water can give windows a brilliant shine? Check out other natural window cleaners here.

    How: 1/2 cup (125 mL) vinegar + 4 cups (1 L) water

    6. Bug repellent: citronella oil

    I'm always wary about the combination of sunscreen and bug repellent. Citronella oil is a natural alternative, though some people, especially children might be sensitive to it.

    I also avoid putting on sunscreen if I can (many toxic chemicals there!)... I try to wear hats and cover up well when I am outdoors for an extended period of time.

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    Wedding Blog #1: Help! How do I dye my white veil ivory?

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    About a year before the wedding, I realized how expensive it was to buy a veil in Vancouver. So, I decided to buy one online on Taobao(Sadly, you need to be able to read Chinese to use this website.)

    There are also many beautiful and reasonably-priced veil on Amazon, like this gorgeous cathedral length veil. Or how about this lace-bordered veil with comb? At less than $20 per veil, you really can't go wrong!

    The veil that came was beautiful... just what I wanted, with a lace trim. The only problem was... it was white!! Almost bright paper white... whereas my dress was ivory. My Maid of Honour noticed it right away. While it wasn't a huge issue, I wondered if there was a way I could dye my dream veil into my dream colour -- using a natural dye. 

    After some help from Dr. Google, I figured I could! What I did was largely based on Miss Gator's and Miss IndianaPRolis's posts. Since I had more than a year to go, and I could always order another veil online, I decided to go for it (though it was still pretty scary!):

    Dying Veil with Tea (from White to Ivory):


    2 x Lipton Yellow Label Tea Bags

    10 cups x Water

    1 x Measuring Cup

    1 x Stock Pot 

    1 (or more) x Test Tulle/Fabric (I didn't have a scrap piece of tulle, so I just used a white piece of fabric)

    1 x Veil


    1. Boil (more than 2 cups of) water. 

    2. Steep 2 tea bags into 2 cups of boiling hot water (I used a measuring cup... couldn't take risks with my veil!), for 2 minutes. Keep the teabags completely submerged by using a clean spoon (I made the mistake of using a not-so-clean wooden spoon in my first trial... oil started floating to the top. I wasn't going to put my veil in that!). 

    3. Pour the 2 cups of tea into a large stock pot.

    4. Measure 8 cups of cold water. Pour into the stock pot. Mix.

    5. Wait a while till the tea is completely cooled.

    6. Rinse your test fabric in cold tap water, until it's completely wet (this is important so that the dye is evenly distributed).

    7. Put your test fabric into the pot of tea for 2 minutes. Make sure it's completely submerged the whole time (I kept it down with my hands).

    8. Rinse your test tulle/fabric in cold tap water so all the excess tea is gone.

    9. Gently wring out the water, and hang your test tulle/fabric dry.

    10. If the dry test tulle/fabric came out with the colour you want, repeat steps 6 - 9 with your veil. Otherwise, adjust the amount of time you submerge your test tulle/fabric and test again.

    11. After you've dyed your veil, hang it to dry. Make sure it's not bunched up or stuck to another piece to ensure an even colour (though if you've rinsed it well enough, it shouldn't make too big of a difference).

    **If you have a trim like mine, make sure the trim is laid out as flat as possible, too. I also went back to check on the veil again when it was about half dry to straighten things out (trust me... it's worth it!).

    *** A word of caution: after dying (so wetting and drying), the lace trim on my veil needed to be ironed out. The little pieces of threads were never quite as straight as before.

    So, on my second try (on a second veil), I made sure the trim as laid out very flat when it was hung to dry. Much better result!! :)

    Hanging the veil to dry

    Test fabric: before and after

    Veil: before and after (first veil)

    Evy's Veil from the back

     My Veil from the Back

    Evy & Dad Walking down the Aisle

    I was really happy with how it turned out. :)

    Don't forget to check out our wedding planning page for tips and advice!

    We also have two more wedding blogs: DIY projects (big money savers!) and Writing your Wedding Invitation.

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