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Grand-opening Giveaway Winner -- Congrats to Jenny!

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We have a winner... it is Jenny who guessed it took Kin 43 minutes to arrange the flower petals! Congratulations!!!

Jenny was our third entry... lightning speed AND accuracy! Her fiancé has definitely found a keeper.

Thanks everyone for participating and sharing our grand-opening giveaway

While Kin's still finishing up a few new projects, here's a little sketch to tide art-lovers over. ;)


"Be Safe, Hong Kongers"







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Engagement Announcement & Grand-opening GIVEAWAY!!

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In Spring 2014, after a long day teaching at a tutoring centre, I came home to a glorious surprise:

All I could say was, "What? What...? No... really?" He then got down on one knee, and popped the question (not without a tear *ahem twinkle* in his eyes).

I said, "Of course! Yes!" and asked, "How long did it take to do this, taking flowers apart and all?"

The first person with the correct answer (______ minutes, no decimals) in the comments below will receive our digital Quickie Art Save the Date OR Wedding Invitation (a $99 value) for FREE!

*One entry per person (we will contact you by the email address you enter in comments)

*Round to whole number (no decimal)

*If no one gets the exact answer in 3 weeks, the person with the closest answer WITHOUT GOING OVER the correct number of minutes will win (Contest End Date/Time: Oct 9, 2014, 11:59pm).

*This IS transferable, meaning you can GIFT it to a friend! 

I never get tired of telling this story... how did you get engaged? Share with us! :)


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