Wedding Blog #2: 3 Easy DIY Projects (that will save your lots of $!)

Thinking back on our wedding preparations, some of the best memories involved having friends and family over for a barbeque dinner and then a waffles brunch -- our bribe for their labour before and during the wedding. :)

There were also a few nights (right before the big day!) where we had to stay up late and finish a few last minutes crafts (yes... we procrastinated...). Huge thanks to everyone who helped make our day so perfect!

Here are a few super easy DIY crafts we made for the wedding (that saved us lots of money):

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1. Lace-trim votive candle

DIY lace trim votive candle


Votive candle -- we purchased by the dozen at a craft store

(Fabric) Lace tape -- available at dollar stores and craft stores, or check out this beautiful lace trim on burlap if you want a rustic look.


Put lace tape around the votice candle, cut, repeat. That's it! 

2. Air Plant Centrepiece

DIY air plant centrepiece

Though we wanted to use air plants for our guest table centrepieces, we decided against it in the end because green was not one of the wedding theme colours. We have since then made a few of these for ourselves and our friends. :)


Air plant (big gardening store or online)

Moss (in bags, cheaper at craft stores; or online)

Soil (from your own garden or gardening stores)

Stone (dollar stores, your garden, park, beach...)

Glass container (small; available at dollar stores or gardening stores)


1. Put a thin layer of soil on the bottom

2. Neatly arrange moss and stone on top of soil

3. Put air plant in the middle

3. Wedding Program

DIY Wedding Program

Ok, I have to admit this was actually not a very easy project... at least for someone like me who has little graphic design experience! Luckily, it wasn't tooo time-consuming (it took me about 4 hours, but this varies depending on what you want to create).


Graphic Design Tools at Canva (a free web resource!)

Thick paper stock (at craft stores, stationery stores or online)



1. Create your wedding program using tools at

2. Save the file as pdf

3. Print

Tips: If you have a nothing-fancy home printer like mine (or, you can get one with duplex printing function, though many seem to not handle thick paper stock well), experimenting how to print double-sided and fitting two programs onto one piece of paper could take some time.

Here's what I've learned:

1. To fit two programs onto one piece of paper, duplicate the front page image (I did this in the Mac program "Preview")

2. Put all your paper stock into the paper tray, or the feed tray if the paper's too thick

3. In "Print", select "Print 2 images per page", then type in the number of copies you need. (i.e. You'll print all copies of the front page at once)

4. Put your paper stock (now with the front page printed) back in. (*Note: Experiment! Should you put in the paper face down or up? Text to the left or right?)

5. Print the back page (duplicate the back page image, select "Print 2 images per page", and type the number of copies you need).


Good luck and happy crafting! :)


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