Happy Two Month Anniversary, Adnan & Lara!

One of our favourite customers, Adnan & Lara, are about to celebrate their two-month anniversary! :) Thanks so much for having us draw your unique save-the-date. It was a lovely time working with you two beautiful people!

Here's what they said,

"Evy and Kin, you took what started as a shard of an idea and turned it into this amazing work of art that told our most important story together. We could not have imagined a more brilliant outcome for our save the date! ... and the number of phone calls / emails we received telling us how unbelievable our save the date was really put a smile on our faces each day, a necessary break to the stresses of planning a wedding. I can't wait to work with you two again on the next project requiring such artistic talent.

All our best, Lara & Adnan"

Save the Date Childhood Save the Date at the Beach

Save the Date Hug



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