NEW! Custom Cartoon Portraits from Ohnik Studio

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We are expanding our product line!!

A question that we always get asked is if we could create something completely custom for less time and at a lower cost. We were unable to provide that service before because of the amount of time required in drawing the realistic style in our One and Only.

Since then, Kin has been exploring a new style of drawing that is more cartoon-like and less time-consuming. He has decided he can now create a custom product at $99 that is ready in 2 weeks!

Here are some sample he has drawn to demonstrate his new style. Keep in mind it'll be completely custom: you decide who's in the artwork, and what they're doing! 

This is perfect for that birthday or anniversary gift for your special someone (e.g. your Mom!). :)

We can also customize it for a save-the-date or wedding invitation!



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